Arden Parks
Dochamps Petite Suisse


Around park: 1km


There is still a lot of real, untouched nature around Dochamps, in the Belgian Ardennes, that nobody knows about. It is so beautiful, you can sniff the history of the Ardennes, so to speak. People who have never been to these extraordinary places dismiss the stories as fables or fantasy. But if you want, you can experience this nature with your own eyes. Accompanied by Dodon the Ranger, because only he knows how it can remain so pristine.

Valley, fields and forests.

Camping Petite Suisse is located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes at an altitude of 500 metres. Ideal for a hike or bike ride to explore the magnificent views over the valley, fields and forests. Its mighty rock formations sometimes make you think you are walking in the Swiss mountains. But here you really are in the Belgian Ardennes, in the region of the Ourthe, with its picturesque streams and beautiful forests. Visit one of the many traditional Belgian cities and towns in the area or take a trip to one of the many attractions or places of interest in the Petite Suisse area!


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