Arden Parks


Access is either via number plate recognition or via the code received when you booked (by email or at the kiosk).

Please type * before your code and confirm with #.
For example, the code is 1234, please type *1234#


The sanitary facilities are reserved exclusively for Arden Parks customers. We do our best to keep it clean. Thank you for respecting this. 

Have you noticed anything wrong? We would be grateful if you could let us know: or +32 474 76 14 05 (in French or English)


In case of emergency, dial 112 (fire, ambulance, police).

For technical assistance, please contact our colleagues at Arden Parks Petite Suisse on +32 474 76 14 05 (in English or French).


The intercom only works when there is a vehicle on the platform. You will automatically be directed to our on-call service (in French or English).


The campsite is under camera surveillance and anyone entering the site is identified by the cameras and vehicles by ANPR technology. Any customer entering the site accepts that the photos will be used solely for security and prevention purposes. The images may be used by the authorities in the event of theft, accident or damage. 


Wifi access : Camping-WiFi 

Password : comblainWiFi


There is a waste management area on your right at the entrance of the park. We practise selective sorting. Thank you for sorting your waste.  
The platform at the entrance of the park allows you to empty your waste water.